Delightful black raspberries and a hint of vanilla is light and comforting. Creamy and silky with lots of moisturising bubbles.Our favourite and we have had this one for a long time. (Available matching products are named either Vovacia or Black Raspberry and Vanilla)
This soap is one of our founding soaps, which means it has been around for a long time because it is so good. So there is some history surrounding it.
It is pronounced as Vo-vacia the first A is pronounced like the letter A and the last a is pronounced like the sound, we came up with the word that's why it is not in the dictionary. 
The soap is a goatsmilk soap which is creamy and silky to use with lots of moisturising bubbles.

Presentation: Wrapped in clear plastic with labelling.

Ingredients: Saponified Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Olive OIl, Goats Milk, fragrance oil, glycerin soap decorations, oxides, pigments.

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my favourite

I adore this soap the fragrance is devine and it makes my skin so soft and smooth.


this is the nicest soap that i can find and the sent last on you .

my favourite

I use this lovely soap at bedtime. Always makes me feel and smell great

Family Favorite

This is always a family favorite, I make sure that a couple of bars of Vovacia is always in my order. Thanks for making this wonderful soap.

Hubby loves it

I love this soap, even my husband uses it.

Made my day

OH MY GOD!! Absolutely beautiful! Received this in the post today and have just used it and I love it. Thank you for being at the markets that day :-)

5 stars not enough

Omg I just love this soap 5stars is not enough it is everything I thought will back for more