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  • Such beautiful products made by this company, They are amazing in looks and quality. Just so professional.

    Betty Marshall, who rated us 10 / 10 on Feb 7, 2014.

  • I always look forward to my package from you. Beautifully presented and oh so divine, the perfumes are just so nice. The soap samples are so yummy ,you almost want to eat them, thankyou so much. I will definitely be back!

    jenny, who rated us 10 / 10 on Feb 7, 2014.

  • Hi, Received my order, just wanted to say these soaps are beautiful!! They smell divine, presentation is lovely and you also included a free soap which I had the pleasure of using this morning. Beautiful products!! Very impressed, would be even better if you had a shop over here in Perth!! Thanks again, will be back online for more. Kiri.

    Kiri D, who rated us 9 / 10 on Nov 28, 2013.

  • Sorry I haven't provided any feedback before now. I purchased some of your mixed bath bombs last year as part of Chrissy presents for my 3 sisters. They all just loved these, hence I am buying more this year! You have excellent products, thank you...

    Paul E, who rated us 10 / 10 on Nov 13, 2013.

  • My first order arrived today, 10 varying gift boxes for Christmas gifts.... I don't want to give them away, I want to keep them all for myself!!! These soaps arrived sturdily packaged and in perfect condition, the smells that wafted from the box when I opened it is still lingering in my house. Each gift box is packed and presented impeccably. These are going to be sooo loved by the receivers this Christmas! Once I showed my husband he insisted I buy more soaps and I have! Haha

    Karen Z, who rated us 10 / 10 on Oct 25, 2013.

  • Received my fragrant parcel the other day. Very well packaged, beautiful products, excellent customer service. An entirely professional and delightful experience.

    Bonnie A, who rated us 10 / 10 on Sep 16, 2013.

  • I love love love your products. I bought soaps, muffins, foot powder and muscle spray. I cannot fault these products and every day my husband and I enjoy using your beautiful soaps. I have started my daughter and her children using these and the children love to use their unique soaps. I haven't got the right words to tell you how much I adore your product but I will definitely be a regular customer.

    Deb, who rated us 10 / 10 on Aug 11, 2013.

  • I received a wonderful thankyou gift from one of my customers. It prompted me to search for the maker of the beautifully fragranced and superbly packaged slice of cake which was soap. I bought online for my family and friends for two reasons, one being the beautiful products and two was this fantastic product was local. It arrived quickly and was presented professionally. I can't wait to place my next order. Thanks.

    Belinda P, who rated us 10 / 10 on Sep 25, 2013.

  • I adore Platypus Dreams Soaps and other products and have used them every day for several years. I always have some gorgeous cupcakes put aside for gifts and know that many friends who have received them from me are now also true believers of these products. Recently I gave my mother the Rose Layer Cake Slice for her 92nd birthday and she now refeuses to use anything else!!!! Keep inventing your beautiful products Sharon as many of us couldn't live without them.

    Brenda R, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jul 11, 2013.

    Thank you Brenda, It's a pleasure serving you. PD

  • Sharon, I just adore your soaps. They are lovely and creamy as well as moisturising. Also love the body scrubs, moisturisers, candles and so much more. Love Vovacia and Secret Garden soaps especially. All products are well presented and perform to expectation. Looking forward to giving them as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Thank you.

    Helen B, who rated us 10 / 10 on May 24, 2013.

    Thank you Helen

  • I wanted to thank you for the excellent service, the products arrived quickly and was packed very securely and each one so original and divine!! I just know my friends and family will be delighted to receive these as gifts this Christmas. I also appreciate the samples included with the package. Keep up the excellent quality work!!

    Joanne, who rated us 10 / 10 on Dec 6, 2012.

    Thank you Joanne, it's a pleasure serving you.

  • I have sensitive skin and have found many products on the market to be either too oily, too harsh or too expensive. I now use the goats milk soap which has cleared up my skin & kept it looking and feeling smooth (it's also great for those of us who don't like scented products). I also use the shampoo soap which seems really well balanced and which I can use without needing a conditioner. Thank you!

    Julia, who rated us 10 / 10 on Nov 16, 2012.

    We are happy that you are loving our products. Thank you for letting us know it is greatly appreciated.

  • Today I received the most gorgeous set of soaps in the post which traveled across the Globe to Ireland. Stunningly gorgeous products and mind-blowing perfection! The soaps lather producing dense, rich bubbles and leaving the skin silky smooth! The most divine scent blends and the beeeeeatiful designs really make them stand out even more! I have seen and tried lots and lots of soaps but these are fenomenal!!! Hats off to the beautiful packaging and finishing touches. Thank You so much!!!!

    Hajni K, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jul 6, 2012.

    We are so happy that they made it safely and that you love them. Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy :-)

  • I received my orders and I am more than satisfied with the soaps that i have bought. They clean really well and smells really good. Thank you for the sample soap I gave some as gifts for Easter and it was wonderful.

    Maria T, who rated us 10 / 10 on Apr 12, 2012.

    You are very welcome thank you for letting us know.

  • I started off by using the lavender mint roll on perfume that I found in a local store. When I needed more products the shopkeeper informed me that Sharon's products were too expensive to continue stocking!! What!!! You pay just as much for products full of harmful ingredients at any store! Not only are Sharon's products unique but her service is first rate and any hiccups with orders are sorted immediately. Worth the money for me anyday.

    olivia e, who rated us 10 / 10 on Mar 18, 2012.

    All we can say is some are extremely greedy, they don't appreciate quality and prefer to clutter their shops full of cheap imported goods. Each to their own, we are so glad you found us online. Thank you.

  • Have just received two boxes of EO and FO Samplers and can't wait to try them all. I'm learning how to make CP soap and wanted to see how it should turn out. Now I know what creamy soap should feel like....and how fragrances can linger... Gorgeous soap, so creative. Thank you for the gifts as well, they made my day. Lovely packaging.

    Theresa C, who rated us 9 / 10 on Mar 8, 2012.

  • My mother bought me Aphrodesiac and Vovacia as Christmas gifts and I told her they were too beautiful to use. She insisted that I use them and I'm so glad I did. I won't be using anything else now! I just received my first order from you and have bought some as gifts for friends. I will be insisting they actually use the soap as well. The perfumes are divine - I'm a Patchouli nut, so Aphrodesiac was an instant hit just for the scent. Thanks for the solid moisturiser sample - it is amazing stuff!

    Claudia, who rated us 10 / 10 on Feb 4, 2012.

  • My mother bought me Aphrodesiac and Vovacia as Christmas gifts and I told her they were too beautiful to use. She insisted that I use them and I'm so glad I did. I won't be using anything else now! I just received my first order from you and have bought some as gifts for friends. I will be insisting they actually use the soap as well. The perfumes are divine - I'm a Patchouli nut, so Aphrodesiac was an instant hit just for the scent. Thanks for the solid moisturiser sample - it is amazing stuff!

    Claudia, who rated us 10 / 10 on Feb 4, 2012.

  • It is coming up on the 8th year I have been using your products. I first found you at Seaforth Markets, wow have things changed over the years. Your products just keep getting better and better. We love your soap and goodies please don't ever stop making them. x

    Elouise V, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jan 05, 2012.

  • I found Sharon because I became interested in hand made cold process soaps. I want to say that I live in the US and (am not a rich person) but love her soaps so much that I am willing to pay the International cost of getting them to me and I do. They are a luxury treat for myself. Her soaps are the creamiest I have ever found. They are also emollient and good for my skin. Her skills in not only making them but making them look lovely make her in my estimation a true artisan which she is

    Suzanne H, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jan 27, 2012.

  • As a Soap Maker myself, I have used some wonderful creations from around the world - but none compare to Sharon's incredible and very luxurious products. Her Artisan soaps are in a league of their own and I consider them to be the best the World has to offer. I know Sharon puts her heart and soul into her beautiful indulgenses, the ingredients are so luxurious, which create the best lather I have used and the fragrances are to die for. I can only hope to acheive such greatness. Karen Morland UK

    Karen M, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jul 30, 2011.

    Thank you Karen for the kind words. I am so happy you loved the soaps.

  • Sharon, I discovered your soaps at the Airlie Beach markets over 5 years ago and have not used commercial soaps since. I cannot believe how soft my skin is and the perfumes are out of this world. Your giftpacks have been sent to Italy where my family love them. A massive thank you for your wonderful products.

    Jill R, who rated us 10 / 10 on Jul 25, 2011.

    Thank you Jill it is a pleasure serving you always.

  • Hi There, I am a soapmaker and think your soaps are just amazing looking, I would never want to copy them, but I think they just look excellent!!! I think you do such a fab job of them. You are an artisan!! kay cooper (scentsational handmade soaps)

    kay c, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

    Thank you for your kind words!

  • My Horses and I would like to thank you for the Ancan Black Salve. One of our horses had a large swamp cancer on it's chest at least 6 inches in diameter. We had tried everything until our vet told us to seek out your product. It only took a few days for the cancer scab to drop off. We did a second application to make sure we got it all. The flesh granulated out just like you said it would and has healed nicely. It is 6mths since we started treating the area and all the hair has grown back on the area and only we can tell that something was there by looking really hard. I am about to order some more as one of the other horses has a small swamp cancer at the back of it's ear and also a couple of sarcoids that we will remove. Thank you for making a wonderful product. Forever greatful. Art

    Arthur T, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • I am absolutely in love with Platypus Dreams soaps. I have bad eczema that affects my face, arms and back and since using your delicious soaps I have found a marked improvement in my skin. I am even using less of my perscription medication. I started using the Gourmet Goatsmilk Royal but I have found that my skin does not react to any of the perfumes or colours in any of your other soaps which is so amazing because I can finally have lovely smelling soap and beautiful skin. I loved the sample "Cotton Candy' you sent me with my last order and my partner thought I smelled amazing. The "Cashmere Cream" is sooo luxurious, my skin loves this and the fragrance is light and sensual - can't wait to order more. Thankyou for dedicating your life to pioneering beautiful soaps that are delights or not only the skin but also the nose and the eyes.

    Kate, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • It stings but it is the end to skin cancer or melanomas.

    ian, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Sharon; I am constantly thrilled by your soaps and other products; they are just delicious!!! I have given some as gifts, and some as alternatives to the currently used product, and every time, they've been received really well. My husband has sensative skin, and it looks so much better since he started using your soap a couple of years ago...Love your product, and think you are amasing!

    suzy, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • i just have to say i loooove platypus dreams products , especially the yummy and refreshing coconut , lemongrass and vanilla sugar scrub .

    Skye, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • had a box of 8 for xmas and i just love them Sue

    susan p, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • I came across your wonderful array of soaps a few years ago when on holidays and I have fallen in love with them ever since! The soaps I purchased back then stayed in my cupboard for nearly 1 year and the aroma was beautiful the whole time. I havent used them yet because I just think they are way to amazing to use!!! I have purchased some for presents since then and often visit your web site to have a look. I think its time I had a little splurge Congrats for such a beautiful product

    Love your soap, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Thank you for my order and the extras. I really enjoy the soaps and I'm glad you brought the perfumes back. I love the ever changing variety and the old favorites. I'm looking forward to sharing them.

    Nerroli S, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Your soaps are just beautiful,i just have to keep coming back and back and back.Great site Great Service.Many thanks Lily

    Lillian M, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Hi there, I have just ordered a couple of your products. Thank you heaps, I am very excited to try them.

    victoria, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Hello Sharon, I just received my package today and it was such a delight to see the purple ribbon on the sampler box as well as the beautiful coloured soaps. I just had my first Platypus Dreams shower and it was way better than I expected! My skin is so smooth and the soaps foamed up really well. The deodorant smells divine! Thanks so much for making great products (and for the free samples!)

    Phuon, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • My family and I are new-ish (maybe for 18months, or so?)users of Sharon's soaps, but by golly, there are no others that we will use from now on! The beautiful scents for me, and the benefits of the goats milk and purity for my husband with sensitive skin...fabulous combination that suits us both!He has his favourite; the kids have theirs, and I have mine...everyone is happy! Thankyou, Sharon and team; you are just great! Suzy

    Suzy M, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • I have been using these soaps for a couple of years now and they are just delicious, a real treat. Love the Lavender Mint and the new Patchouli Revolution is absolutely scrumptious, these are my favourites but going by how good these are, I really should branch out and try some of the others. They are also fantastic value, being long-lasting. Better than chocolate as a mood-lifter I reckon! Thanks Sharon for popping in a sampler of your herbal deodorant with my last order. The first day I used it, I kept feeling puzzled by the lovely smell that seemed to be wafting around me! I thought it must have been from the soap, then realised it was the deodorant. What delicious natural aromas! I will definitely be buying some more when the sampler runs out. It is so so much nicer than the commercial anti-perspirants I usually buy. Heather

    Heather, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Sharon's products are the result of many years inventing, working very hard. Not only you smell the beauty , but also feel this great product. The great diversity of shapes, colours and smells, makes you want to travel to Australia immediately:) Thank you Sharon for the many orders you sent to us, so that we can enjoy your products in our own tubs. lots of luck and happiness, Georgette and Gioia Georgette (Netherlands, Europe)

    Georgette, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Been using Sharon's products for 5 years, would just like to say, what an incredible product, needless to say, your an incredible person, well done Sharon, your the best!!! Roxy xx Love stocking your products ROXY DAWSON (ROXY DAWSON HAIRDRESSER)

    Roxy, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Thank you Sharon for your prompt service, beautiful soaps and generosity in sending my daughters some samples of your new products. We love them all. I have also given them as gifts to family and they are so well presented. Just perfect for any occasion. My daughters and I are so impressed with the fragrance, creamy lather and your soaps moisturise the skin beautifully. My 85yo Aunt said they have made her skin so soft and smooth. Keep up the good work and I will keep ordering your wonderful products and spread the word.

    Wendy, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Hi Sharon, I just received my order and i am in awe. Those soaps, Sharon they are a work of art. They are the most delicious smelling, beautifully presented soaps i have ever seen! You can really tell that you take pride in your work and the way that each item is delicately and beautifully wrapped with the bow is just gorgeous. I’m so happy! I’m scurrying off to order more because i don’t think i can bring myself to use these LOL Thanks so much,

    MH, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Wow Sharon, I have to say that you are just so refreshingly helpful and wonderful at customer service – thank you so much. These days it is actually hard to find someone who will take the time to answer a consumers question. I read on your site that customer service is important to your company and I just want to encourage you that you do very well at it. And to find someone who is honest in the commercial business is so awesome. So, thank you.

    Jane, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Hello Ladies! I have been a devotee of your products for several years now and used to buy from you at my local saturday xxx. I have not been as regular a market goer as I used to be and am always sad when I am unable to get your soaps when I DO make it down there. I have been working weekends (xxx on luxury yachts = not much time) however I hope to begin work very soon as a fulltime xxx with xxx. I love natural products and I have never found anything to match yours. Thanks! SI at? Airlie Beach

    SI, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

  • Hi, I tried one of the soaps and the lather is instantaneous and so smooth and creamy. I also tried the sample of scrub you gave me and i loved it. Now, I'll have another product to buy...lol Can't wait to try the rest, but everything is so pretty,its just as nice to keep them intact. Thanks again EH

    EH, who rated us 10 / 10 on .

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