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Scent List

A list of the various scents we use from time to time.

Beach Babe: Calling out to all Beach Babes. Grab your hat and sunnies, get on that cute little sundress and come to the beach with us. We can sit on the deck with a fruity sundae or a lovely cooling cocktail. The scent of this is delightfully fruity just like a fruit salad sundae with ice cream on the top and a dob of cream, totally yummy and it's not sickly sweet either. It's just right, the perfect blend.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla: Also within our range this is called Vovacia. Nice fresh raspberries with a hint of vanilla and some sparkly notes of effervescence. Delightful black raspberries and a hint of vanilla is light and comforting

Bliss - Kiss and Tell is a bit like VS Bombshell with passion fruit, grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery

Blue Berry Cheesecake - Real Blue berries with delightfully creamy notes and you can even smell the lightly baked biscuit on the bottom of the cheesecake in this.

Bubble Gum - Super yummy bubble gum scent with berries and fruity notes.

Butter Cream - Buttery and creamy, it smells just like this with a slight caramel scent but a lot more butter. Kind of like butter cream lollies without the sugary notes.

Chocolate Fudge: Smells just like exactly what the name says, nice chocolate notes.

Choc Mint - With the choc mint one we looked for the best chocolate scent and then added some spearmint and mint into the mix. This one is so yummy.

Coconut and Lemongrass - Delightfully fragranced with Lemongrass and Coconut very refreshing.

Cotton Candy - Also known as Pink Sugar It's playful as what hits you first is vanilla, caramel and cotton candy. As time goes on you then smell the fruits of citrus, raspberry, fig and strawberry. Then at the bottom you get Vanilla once again, light caramel, woody musk and light powder. On some this is a definite head turner for the opposite sex.

Creme Brulee - creamy vanilla custard drenched with a creamy buttery caramel sauce.

Cucumber and Wasabi - Delightfully fragranced with Cucumber Wasabi which is a really nice fresh scent of cucumber that you would find in a top day spa

Day Spa - a green citrus style scent, this is very refreshing and something one would find in an upmarket style boutique with a spa attached.

Egyptian Amber - a fabulous exotic scent with Vanilla, Musk, Amber and hints of Patchouli in the background.

Jelly Bean - Oh my if you love jelly beans this is the one for you it's addictive and a favorite with the kids and adults too. (Note: we used this same fragrance in our pink bath muffins a long time ago)

Juicy Corture aka Juicy Queen - wild berry and mandarin wrapped in the floralcy of summer gardenia, pink jasmine and bright honeysuckle enhanced by vanilla praline, soft woods and amber.

Juicy Watermelon - Yes that is right nice juicy ripe watermelon scent.

Lavender Verbena - Lavender with Verbena notes. Verbena is like a type of citrus scent with a real fresh burst.

Loving You - An exotic, floral fantasy temptation. A blend orchid, jasmine and freesia with sensual skin musks and sultry sandalwood create this captivating fragrance.

Marshmallow - Modern, Retro and Vintage exclusive in house blend with notes of Roses, Peony, White Carnation, Iris, Violets, Jasmine, Sugar, Marshmallow vanilla and snow musk. Feminine with light florals in the beginning dying down to a powdery scent of marshmallows and light musk.

Monkey Farts is all things fruity, everyone loves this it is so fruity it's just yummy.

Musk Stick Lolly Musk: Yummy sweet musk just like the pink lolly sticks we used to have when we were kids in Australia.

Passionfruit and Papaya - Fresh Passionfruit with fresh juicy ripe Paw Paw.

Rainforest - Fresh Australian bush with rainforest and a slight hint of pines. Very refreshing and fresh good as a spa type scent and the men like this one too.

Raspberries and Violets - What is there to say its a perfect blend of both.

Relaxing - We just love this fragrance it is a relaxing blend of French Lavender to calm and Fir Pine for freshness. With a touch of Jasmine and sweetened with pure Vanilla, softened with delicate Musks.

Roses and Violets - Once again another perfect blend of both.

Sea Salt Caramel: The most delicious caramel scent ever with a hint of sea salt.

Strawberry - Scented with the most yummy smelling strawberry we could find

Strawberry and Champagne - sweet blend of strawberries and red fruits boosted by white florals and a hint of cider.

Strawberry Smoothie - is exactly what you get from the juice bar when you ask for a strawberry smoothie and this one even has the yummy light vanilla notes of some ice cream. Because we like to indulge. It's one of our inhouse blends.

Wild Berry Blast - A delightful compote of many types of berries, very yummy and also with a light hint of cream and biscuity vanilla notes to round off the sharpness of the berry. This is absolutely delightful.

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