Choose from many unique and different prefume oil rollerballs. Note: These are safe to take on board international flights.

  • Relaxing - Vanilla - Lavender - light musk (S,P,BS,HC)
  • Vovacia - Black Raspberry and Vanilla (S,P,BS,HC)
  • Black Currant - Sweet and Tart Berries NEW 2015 (S,P,BS,HC)
  • Driftwood - Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk and Patchouli NEW 2015 (S,P,HC)
  • Egyptian Amber
  • Adventurer - Oakmoss - Amber NEW 2015 (S)
  • Frangipani - Tropical Frangipani floral.
  • Cotton Candy - Sweet sexy vanilla, caramel, musk, grown up candy. (S,P,HC)
  • Sandalwood - all the way it's sandalwood (we searched high and low for a nice one
  • Musk Stick - Lolly Musk just like the Australian candy musk sticks
  • Marshmallow - Musk, Vanilla and Jasmine. Oh my this smells divine.

Matching products - S - Soap; P - Powder; BS - Bath Salts; HC - Hand Cream


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Roll on perfumes

I have purchased over 10 perfume roll ons in musk, sandalwood and marshmallow. All are divine scents, so happy. I will be purchasing more. Thank you so yummy.

Roll on perfumes

I have purchased 5 lolly musk roll on perfumes. Oh my gosh so devine, so yummy. Scent lasts hrs, great in handbag or at home. I have had no reactions to them, am now buying 5 more in different scents....2 sandlewood and 2 marshmallow plus 1 more musk.. Im so addicted. Mmmm

A wonderful scent

I have been using this perfume for a couple of years and love it. I am allergic to many perfumes but this has no negative impact and the combination of scents blend beautifully. I wear it both day and night.

Great - all day fragrance

I bought the black currant tea for my 15 year old daughter... but have stolen it back, as it is gorgeous! The fragrance stays all day!

Very happy with the perfume roll on choices.

I recently purchased 3 perfume roll on scents, as they are so easy to carry anywhere and I used to use the Beyond Karma fragrance, didn't see it this time so selected Marshmallow, Relaxing and Driftwood, all scents are amazing, I have had several comments from people at work as to how nice the fragrances smell as well, so have spread the word, thank you.

Practical and a great variety of scent

I have bought several different scents and I am happy with each one. I keep several around the house as well as my handbag and at work. The roll on is great for top ups during the day though the scent does last for many hours. Looking forward to trying each one.