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Back by request from many of my customers who I thought never used it because I hadn't heard from them for a few years. It goes to show how long one of these bottles lasts using 1 or 2 drops a day and it must have helped them or they would not be asking for more.

The formulation is a mixture of specially blended essential oils chosen for their traditional properties and other oils to help nourish the nails and surrounding skin and help with nail fungus. Each 15ml bottle includes a full instruction booklet on how to care for the nail and how to use the product for the best results.

It can take approximately 6mths for a nail to grow to full length from the matix where the nail starts to develop and form, usage time will depend on the ability to remember to use the product daily and follow the instructions. The initial condition of the nail and speed at which the nail develops and grows each person is different. I have seen great results using this product but it has depended on the users determination to have nice looking nails, in one instance they wanted to wear sandals with natural clear nail polish.

Use with our special foot powder to help keep your feet dry and not so sweaty.

How did I come up with this formulation: As a qualified nail technician I used to see many sorts of problems with nails when I was doing nail tech work quite a time ago. I would always get asked if I could recommend something that would help their nails be it for one reason or another as one does when they do this kind of thing. I had seen the fungus problem amongst other things quite a lot especially when doing pedicures but never bothered much with it. I just told them to go to the chemist or get a script. After having a few customers who said you must be able to make something natural I decided to see if I could, after quite a lot of testing I found something that helps and the rest is history.

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This Product works!

After trying all the pharmaceutical products for fungal nail infections, I thought I'd try this and it works. After 12 months - all clear!