Mademoiselle Bath Bomb Love Heart

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Spoil yourself with a love heart bubble bath bombs The bath hearts have extra moisturising Cocoa Butter added for your bathing pleasure. Perfect as a gift that is unique and different.

Scent: A very pretty floral boquet of bergamot and grapefruit with rose, jasmine and vetiver, perfectly placed on a base of vanilla, white musk and patchouli

Water Colour: Palest pink to nil with lots of bubbles that last hold under water spout.

Weight: each heart is over 90g each.

Packaging: Plastic wrapped in cello with coloured curling ribbon for freshness with labels.

Usage: Place gently on the top of the water and watch it fizz and enjoy the aroma. Dispose of the flower prior to bathing.

Ingredients: Bicarb Soda, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance/Essential oil blends, +/- Sucrose, Polysorbate, Cosmetic Approved Colours