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PALM FREE - A totally natural shampoo soap for hair made on a base of Olive, Coconut, Castor and Australian Macadamia Nut oils. With powdered herbs and extracts of hops, black horehound, nettle, neem and horsetail plus a lot more ingredients that are known for strengthening and conditioning the hair. 140-150g block

Each bar of shampoo soap is packed to the brim with the herbs and extracts to make what I believe to be presently the best shampoo soap you will ever use, split ends are now a thing of the past. I haven't had split ends or scaly scalp in over 5 yrs since using the soap I make, my hair also has a permanent colour in it and the soap does not seem to effect it. The hairdresser always comments on how I never get split ends.

There is also added Panthenol Vitamin B5, Honey, Silk and Hydrolized oats for extra nourishment and to help provide shine and also condition the hair.

This is not a normal bar of soap and is designed to be used as a shampoo for the hair but can also be used on the body as well, although that is a bit lavish.

Normal soap can leave hair feeling a little clammy or oily but this soap does not due to it's special formulation.

We have added hair loving essential oils of Rosemary and Spearmint.

Usage when silicones have been used previously: We recommend shampooing the hair 3-4 times in the first instance when using this soap to help remove the buildup which can occur from using shampoos and styling aids which contain things like silicones and binders. For shampooing your hair all it takes is either one lathering of the hair or 2 depenging on how oily the hair is.

No silicones previously used: If you haven't been using these then don't worry lathering up the hair once maybe enough in the first instance. Lather your hair up first, wash it off and then use a tiny smidge of soap on your hand if you like, then gently rub the hair it will be a mass of tiny bubbles. Leave the soap to dry naturally on a well drained rack.

Tips and Tricks: Cut the soap in quarters to make the bar more manageable if desired.

Make your own natural hair conditioner:  Use 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar in warm water and pour it over the hair. Put some cider vinegar in a bottle in the bathroom and a clear plastic cup, draw a line on the cup and fill to the line with cider vinegar. Top it up with the water from the shower and pour it over your hair. Massage the hair gently leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse out. You will notice your hair is easier to comb and will have a really nice shine.

Suitable for coloured hair and all hair types.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut, Castor, Macadamia oils, Honey, Herbs plus Extracts of Hops, Nettle, Horsetail, Silk, Rosemary, Spearmint essential oil blend, Panthenol Vitamin B5,  Silk, Hydrolized oats.

Hi Platypus dreams, Just wanted to say how much I love your hair shampoo soap. I'm a plasterer that comes home with hair that's full of dust and my girlfriend bought me your products. It took a couple of weeks for my thick dry hair to get used to it, and now my hair is healthier with a shine it's never had before. Thanks again I'll be back for more! Kind regards, Jo.
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Great fragrance!

Such a fantastic bar of soap, the smell is just delightful and the lather is very good. Leaves your skin and hair smelling and feeling so clean. Would definitely purchase again.


I have been using Platypus Dreams' shampoo soap for well over 10 years and love the way it makes my hair feel. It's always so soft and full of body - no limp hair that becomes "immune" to regular supermarket shampoos. My hairdresser always comments on how healthy my hair is. I am so glad to see it back on the product list as I ran out before Xmas, and have been putting up with "normal" shampoos ever since. Well Done, Sharon.


I have been using expensive brand name shampoos as I am so darn fussy when it comes to my hair and I was really happy with the results. That is until I tried Platypus Dreams' shampoo soaps ... wow! They are the BEST shampoos I have used and my hair is looking amazing ... thank you Sharon for making these shampoo soaps. The condition of my hair is silky and strong and the shine is wonderful. I really don't know what I did without them!


Thank you Sharon for sending my order so promptly. I love the herb garden shampoo! It's amazing. My husband loves it too! I only purchased 2 bars because I wasn't sure if I would like it as I haven't had very good experiences with other soaps. But I am absolutely in love with your shampoo soaps! My hair is so soft and smooth which I could never get with other soaps. I will be putting another order in very soon!

Husband loves it

Thank you Sharon for sending my order so promptly. I love the herb garden shampoo! It's amazing. My husband loves it ...