Make your home smell heavenly with the fresh natural smell of Lemon Myrtle, Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Lime Essentail oils.

Dust your home with ease using our natural dusting spray. Good for those with allergies who are avoiding petrochemicals.

Suitable for all surfaces. Shake before use - spray on surface or cloth and clean while you dust and buff away. We used to use Mister Sheen but now we have our own natural alternative and love it.

Petrochemical free - Natural ingredients only

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love the smell

The dusting spray is wonderful to use on wooden furniture. The smell is tantastic and everything smells so clean.

Soooo many uses

Yes, it's a dusting spray and works brilliantly for this purpose. However I like to think laterally and one morning decided to use it to freshen my shoes - inside and out. The scent lasts for several days yet is not overpowering. Any unpleasant odour disappears and my shoes are cleaner too. Just a few sprays inside and a wipe with paper towel or a soft cloth is all that is needed. Love it!

Best dusting spray

I love using this dusting spray and my daughter borrowed it and loved it also so i ordered more and it smells so earthy but isn't a overpowering smell and certainly does not smell like other cleaners filled with chemicals.