Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub

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Our creamy sugar scrubs are really special, they turn into a creamy foaming lotion that exfoliates when used on damp skin. They are great for polishing the skin to a beautiful sheen and they leave it feeling silky and smooth.

These scrubs are unlike most that we find out there. These won't leave the bath greasy, the don't separate in the jar, they don't require any stirring or fiddling with in the pot. These are ready to go and feel just like scooping out chocolate mousse with sugar in it straigh out of the jar. They a a very decadent and a product that makes you feel like a queen once you have used it. Note: 250g scrubs do not come with glycerin soap embeds.

Scent Description: Cotton Candy is sweet and sugary with caramel and vanilla musk. An absolute favorite for all ages. Available in other products.