Bubbling bath brittle fun for all ages. Drop as many sprinkles as you like in your bath, make patterns and watch them foam and colour the water and smell real good.

For more foam add them while the water is running into the tub.

Scent: Floral.

Colour: Assorted colours in the pack when all combined in the water it will be a purple/lilac colour.

Size: 25g jar of crumbles.

Packaging: as pictured

Ingredients: Bicarb Soda, Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Coco Betaine, Fragrance, Cosmetic approved colour, +/- Cosmetic Glitter, +/- Mica, +/- Sugar sprinkles.

This pack contains crumbles not big pieces like the video. Please use the video as a guide to what this product does in the water.



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very cute

These are great stocking fillers, if you can get them to the stockings. When I gave this little tub to my daughter she was excited she opened the tub and smelt it, I told her it was for the bath and she said no way mum I can’t use this it smells to good. She still hasn’t used it. I have agreed to buy her the box if she uses it, she says buy the box then I’ll use it. Hmmm it’s a stand off.