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We have been asked something as to why we get variations in colour in the bubble bath scoops? Well first we cannot use colours which will stain your tub or your skin (these are the light and UV stable colours that do not fade). So we don't want to stain the tub or have a massive colour ring therefore have to use colours which will fade there is nothing left it is a compromise, especially if we want coloured water too.

There will be variations in colour with the bath bombs and also the bubble bath scoops and bath salts as we do not want you coming out of the tub looking like a tie die project and we don't want you to have to scrub your tub with Ajax, Jiff or bleach that would wreck the whole bathing experience.

Attached is a photo of variations that will occur in some colours. To keep your products nice and bright store them in the dark away from any light source. They will naturally fade with time though and some may arrive brighter than the pictures on our website but will fade to the website picture intensity later with time.

Some of the colours will be changing mostly brighter, until those are up on the website the ones on there will arrive as displayed colour wise. Here are some examples of colour. The relaxing one is changing to multicoloured too.

Keeping up with photos of the products if they have changed lighter is really difficult and sometimes we cannot update the photos in time online. We hope this explanation helps.


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