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Limited edition fancy bath bombs



Soon to be released are limited edition batches of bath bombs which are topped with some creamy bubbles and a lovely flower.

The Scents

They will be available in Black Raspberry and Vanilla which is a really nice scent that is available in many of our other products and smells of Raspberries mixed with a sparkly smelling vanilla and white musk.

Next we have Musk stick which smells absolutely divine with sweet musky notes, this one comes in the most lovely pretty pink colour.

We then thought we needed some more floral style scents within the range so we chose Waterlilly which is a water style scent which is crisp, clean and energetic with notes of Jasmine and undertones of mandarin and tangerine. This one is very pleasant and uplifting.

There just had to be another floral one so we decided on a reproduction of a scent that was around back in 1949 called White Shoulders by Evyan. This scent is ultra feminine with floral notes of lilac, gardenia, oakmoss, amber and jasmine.
 If you love florals this is one to smell that is for sure.

How to use these - well after removing the wrapping from the product, draw a lovely bath to the desired temperature, pop one in the water and then jump in and relax. 

Saving money - Breaking them up: Some may find these too large for their bath as they weigh in at the 160g mark. There maybe limited success in smashing these with a hammer into smaller pieces but we are unsure about this as these are very hard. If you do try this make sure the bath bomb is in a thick plastic bag otherwise pieces will fly all over the place.



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