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About Us

Note: We no longer offer wholesale.
Platypus Dreams have been making unique gourmet soap and bodycare since early 2004. We are a small boutique business based near Mackay in the Whitsundays in Queensland Australia.

We formulate, blend and hand manufacture all our products from the beginning to the final product, this is why our products are so different. Everything is made inhouse from the concept of a product, right down to the designs of the labels and packaging. We choose not to outsource our manufacturing work as we feel that we would lose control of the finished product and it would then have that mass produced feeling that one gets quite often these days.

We do not use premade bases, all our products are made from scratch, what that means is that they are all made from the raw ingredients, we do not buy in lotion bases or soap bases and add colour and scent and then call it our own, we formulate and handmake it from the beginning.

Our soaps are all handmade by our staff with the supervision of a professional soapmaker with the freshest high quality vegetable oils we can source, we do not scrimp on the quality of our oils or any ingredient.

All of our soaps are goats milk soaps, we have been making our soaps with liquid goats milk for years, goats milk is nothing new. We have known about what qualities goats milk brings to a soap, but we have never used it as a marketing tool our soap has sold it's self.

We get many calls weekly from people who have had excellent results with help for their eczema and psoriasis when using our soaps and we usually suggest they also use a cream or salve in extreme cases with the soap until their skin stabilizes, then using the soap only is sufficient. Strangely enough we have found this quite common and never bothered to market our soaps this way. The majority of our customers have found us through word of mouth.

It is not only eczema on people, we get calls about our Happy Dog soap and how it has helped their pets with things like itch and scaly skin, a lot won't use anything else. It is nothing for customers to only buy pet soap in an order and nothing for themselves, this shows us just how much they love their furry friends.

Being different is something that we are very proud of and it also provides our employees with a feeling of self achievement that they are part of the uniqueness that our product and branding has.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a small snippet about the brand and what is behind the product name. We try our very best to produce not only excellent products but also provide excellent customer service. Our business motto is "Honesty is the best policy"

Our staff always say, Look for the name Platypus Dreams on whatever you are using and if it's there then you are assured you are using the very best.'

Thankyou for taking the time to look at our products and happy shopping.

Platypus Dreams


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